Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we really cannot allow this – Our home is open plan and we do not have fences between the units – we do have 3 little in house doggies and a cat that belong to the home.

We find that folk who have medical aids are very quickly assisted by ambulance from here. We also transport to hospital in case of emergency – all other visits to Dr are for family to take care of.

Yes we have Nursing staff on Duty for 4 mornings a week and a Nursing sister lives on site as well. We arrange collect pack and administer medication at no extra cost.

We have an exercise class each weekday/ A craft / friendship group once a week / games evenings/ games afternoons/ Outings for coffee to local coffee shops and lodges.

We do run a small bus into town which is user paid about once a week depending on numbers – We can also arrange planned transport which will be user paid.

You deserve it, look after yourself.

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